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We have created detailed and free online tutorials to setup, to use and to individualize the properties and settings of the Oral Health Manager iOS iPad and Android Tablet App created by DentHelper. If you have further questions, we are very happy to answer your requests under support@denthelper.com

The Oral Health Manager app of Dent Helper creates for dentists and the entire dental practice team a customized health plan of the patient:

The Oral Health Manger app is software for iOS iPads Air and Android Tablets (10), applied by dentists and their whole dental practice teams. Findings can be easily created, documented and compared in a standardized way. The app is particularly useful for systematic prophylaxis sessions because domestic and clinical measures can be individually recommended based on risk factors, their importance and their severity but are automatically calculated. Thus, the dental team and the patient receive a personalized and thorough health maintenance plan. Patients can understand their health status and required domestic and clinical measures to improve it. The health preservation plan can be taken home, to stir motivation for the agreement on – and for the commitment to all necessary dental appointments to preserve oral health by clinical measures conducted by the dental practice team and to optimize the measures at home based on the guidelines of the health preservation plan. This is very important for improved oral health for grateful and fully satisfied patients with healthy teeth.

Every dentist and the entire dental team can create an individual, scientific and practicable health plan for each patient in a very handy way when using DentHelper. Thus, the patient can understand at a glance exactly the current status of his or her dental health and receives individualized recommendations for measures based on the individual risk factors.

The individual health preservation plan includes:

1. The OHManagement risk graph

2. An Individual odontogram

3. Recommendations for the usage of interdental brushes and other health tools

4. Recommendations of individual clinical and domestic measures

5. A proposal for the amount of annual appointments for visits at the dental practice.

Oral health of each patient and as well as its continuous improvement are very important to us. Progress can now be regularly analyzed by the dental practice team and optimized with the patient with the help of the Oral Health Manager App. We also place great emphasis on data safety and data protection. All patient data are solely known and accessible to the involved dental practice. DentHelper or any other third party do not have any access to patient data.

OHManager App for dentists and the entire dental practice team:


Order the OHManager account monthly or get an OHManager app test account.

I. If you want to test the app OHManager without any commitment, you can do this with your email address, your practice name and your name. Just provide this for member-account necessary information by using the order form.

II. After you have ordered the free OHManager trial account, you will receive an email with your current login credentials.

III. Log-In: After downloading the app on the Google Playstore or Apple store (search OHManager), log into the app with your credentials received in the email. To do this, provide the via the email confirmed email address and your password. Please pay attention to uppercase and lowercase letters, spaces, and the autocorrect function on your tablet.


1. Setting up a patient profile, recording medical findings and creating and sending the health preservation plan on the Oral Health Manager APP of DentHelper.

1.1 Log in: Log in with your email address and password, which you get confirmed via mail. Enter your email address and password and press “log in”. Please pay close attention to uppercase and lowercase letters, spaces, and the autocorrect function on your tablet.

1.2 Create a patient profile: Click the pink Plus button at the top right. Then enter the first name, last name, email, date of birth and gender of the patient. In addition, you can optionally enter all other patient data such as street name, postal code, city, country, telephone, patient number and select an image of the patient. Then press on the bottom right on the pink OK button.

1.3 Record medical findings: After you click OK, you are automatically directed to the finding overview of the patient. If you click on the pink ‘Plus’ button on the top right, it takes you to the entry mode for the findings. Next in the overview of medical findings, start recording data in detail by clicking on the pink buttons to the left showing ‘general factors’,’ tooth-specific factors’ and ‘oral cavity factors’ to record their data values.

1.4 Print or send medical findings: After having finished the recoding of the medical findings, you can click on the envelope icon on the bottom right and go to the overview for a final check before sending out or handing the datasheet to the patient. In this view you can also adjust the number of the recommended dates for the annual prophylaxis routine program as well as review and refine the recommended clinical and domestic measures one more time by simply clicking on the corresponding buttons. You can then click on the left bottom to print or send the datasheet via e-mail by clicking on “send via email” or to “print the results”. After you have clicked one of these two buttons, press on the black database icon below on the menu bar and to return to the tab for with the database for patient selection and patient profile creation.

1.5 Create a profile for a new patient: You can either click on an available patient or click on the pink plus button on the top right of to add a new patient’s profile.

2. Entering tooth-specific factors

2.1 In the overview of the tooth-specific factors, each tooth can be marked within the quick selection mode as lost, implant, root canal treatment, crown, filling and healthy by clicking on the respective button at the top. You can also select crown and root canal treatment or filling and root treatment together. In the same view you can also enable or disable tooth specific factors and set the color for interdental brushes by clicking on the points, which are showing different colors. The interdental brushes can be selected under ‘Properties’.

2.2 Accurate input of the data for each tooth: When you click on a tooth, you can enter all the important factors such as the periodontal pocket depth, bleeding on probing, calculus, plaque index, and subclinical caries. Consequently, you can click on the pink OK button on the bottom left, or just click on the next tooth.

2.3 When you have finished recording the data, you can click on the top left of the OHManagement logo to get back to the overview of the findings menu.

3. Compare Medical Findings

If you have entered a medical finding of a patient before and want to record a new medical finding of the same patient during a follow-up appointment, the default data is taken from the last appointment and you can simply specify any changes. You can then select the last findings for the sake of comparison and thus see how the oral health has changed over the course of time. The dotted line reflects the status quo of the last finding for comparison and the solid line represents the currently recorded findings. Based on this comparison with the OHManagment risk graph, it can be explained clearly and quickly to the patient where he or she should be extra careful to preserve his or her oral health.

4. Individualization, properties and settings

4.1 Customize automatic generated recommendations

You can customize your predefined expert recommendations of clinical and domestic measures for the patients by clicking on the top right on "more". Then click on “Define properties and measures”. In this view you can customize all the recommended measures.

4.2 Customize interdental brushes

Under More> Properties> interdental brushes, you can adjust the color of the pre-selection of interdental brushes. This is beneficial if you want to recommend special interdental brushes of specific manufacturers.

4.3 Import patient data as CSV file

Under ‘More> patient data’ you can import collected patient data as a CSV file. For this, it is important that these are shown in the correct format like shown in the picture.

Export 4.4 backup and import

Under ‘More> patient data export backup’, you can create a copy of your database. This copy can be imported under “import backup” if required. We recommend creating back up files on a regular basis.