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OHManager Plan 

Professional Oral Health Manager  

OHManger Program Account

39 .00 USD 

per month, monthly plan
  • Your iOS & Android Tablet App for prophylaxis sessions to wow your patients
  • One account with multiple sign ins
  • Data import & export function
  • Medical record, PDF function to provide printouts for patients
  • Prophylaxis documentation & screening
  • OHManagement concept
  • Over 25 useful functions
  • E-Mail support & all updates included
  • We are developing updates together with our dental community, our dentists and their teams to constanly add more value for patients and dental practices. 

 Practice Bonus System 

Your individual marketing solution

 iOS, Android App & Online Dashboard

99 .00 USD

per month, 12 months plan
  • Patients can download and use a native iOS phone and Android phone App to promote, contact and visit your dental practice
  • Be found with your clinic on Apple Store and Android Play store
  • Reward system to make patients come back
  • E-Mail Support & all updates
  • Patient referral system
  • Facebook marketing linked to Facebook page
  • Push notifications fuction to contact patients in most effective way
  • Survey fto acquire feedback from patients  to impriove service satisfaction
  • Option to respond directy to unsatisfied patients  after obtaining feedback