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Sustainable Health Preservation

Our goal is to significantly increase the health of every patient‘s teeth, to preserve their oral health and to prevent all oral diseases with specific recommendations based on the individual analysis and the accurate diagnosis of the odontogram.

Every dentist and the entire dental team can work together to create a personalized, science-based and practicable health preservation plan for each patient - by applying the Oral Health Manager app, a tool which is very flexible in handling. Thus, the patient knows at a glance the exact and current status of his or her individual oral health and can receive individual recommendations for tailored measures based on the individual risk factors.

The individual health plan encompasses:

1. The OHManagement risk graph

2. An individual odontogram

3. Recommendations for the use of interdental brushes and other tools 

4. Recommendations for individual clinical and domestic measures

5. A proposal for the annual frequency of dental visits

Recommended clinical and domestic measures 

The oral health of each patient and as well as its continuous improvement are very important to us. Progress can now be analyzed on a regular basis by the dentist team and optimized together with the patient. We also place great emphasis on data security and privacy. All data are known only to the patients and their dentist - not to DentHelper nor to a third party.

In the following, a fictive example of a current odontogram and a current Oral Health Manager profile are presented. In this example, all data from the dentist and the patient are only for the understanding and are entirely fictitious. The message consists of two pages. On the first page you can see the recommended number of appointments for the patient. This can be reviewed together with the dentist to obtain an optimal result for a health preservation plan. In addition, placed on the first page, the patient can find a detailed list of recommended clinical and domestic measures. The clinical measures can be implemented directly in the dental practice in follow-up treatments. Especially by using the plan and using domestic measures, the patient can improve his oral health at home. 

Odontogram and risk graphic 

On the second page an accurate odontogram is listed, which gives the patient a sense of the current status of his oral health. A lost tooth is completely marked as gray. An implant is shown with a screw, a root canal with a line in the tooth, a crown with a gray cap on the tooth, a filling as a beige spot on the teeth and a healthy tooth without any of these additions. Furthermore, the diagram can show tartar illustrated by yellow triangles. If recommendations are made regarding interdental brushes for the patient, this is illustrated by different colors in the round dots in this example in orange, green and red. 

With the risk management graphic, patients can be individually taken care of to preserve oral health on the basis of their risk factors. The OHManagment concept is based on the scientific requirements of the Scientific Board of the former IHCF Foundation for the promotion of health and the specific recommendations of many other experts. Patients can use a traffic light scheme ranging from green, to yellow and red to readily understand the current oral health status. That is important for preserving and improving oral health by following up with the dentist, taking care of the teeth and by implementing recommendations of the dentist with the objective to effectively preserve oral health on the basis of domestic and clinical measures.