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Individual Consulting Services for Dental Practices

Our analyses and interviews of dentists and dental practices demonstrated that the following points are important:

  • More and more satisfied patients by strategic positioning the dental practice compared to other dental practices to communicate outstanding benefits to the patient prior to the first visit.
  • Detailed explanation for existing patients because information asymmetries exist between dentists and patients. Therefore the patient usually comes to the dentist to receive good advices and explanations. However, more often than not, the patient is too shy and he or she simply lacks time to ask questions. If the patient cannot find the answers for the most important questions on your website he or she is googling this information and perhaps switches to another specialist for his/her concerns, often based on self-diagnosis.
  • Improvement of online marketing and search engine optimization, starting at your website, including the proper meta tags, internet portals, so that many new patients can find you online and eventually visit you.
  • Increased awareness of your dental practice through Social Media Marketing
  • Long-term patient relationships through loyalty programs and regular prophylaxis routines
  • Risk management in order to identify risks and to find solutions
  • Practice team is in top form, united and motivated: Leadership and Human Capital Management
  • Belonging to the best dental practices in service quality and patient satisfaction
  • Master resilience, become more relaxed and learn how to deal better with stress
  • Enjoy and relax at work, optimize team spirit and service excellence attitude for the whole practice team

Service quality, revenues, awareness, and higher patient satisfaction, the application of the latest technologies and time management are essential. We help to identify your goals, focus on their execution and to achieve them. We offer individual advice geared to the individual needs and goals of your dental practice.