Oral Health Manager App

The systematic Prophylaxis App for Android Tablets & iPads. 

 Accurate diagnosis  

 Increase visits

 Measure improvements

 Reduce chair time 

 Automate marketing 

 Improved mobility  


Case Study: How to grow a dental practice service and profit

Sustainable increase in revenue, service and profits for dental practices 

Besides improved service experience for patients because of systematic prophylaxis, the integration of a professional prophylaxis concept provides dental practices the opportunity to seize additional economic potential by positioning oneself as a specialized prophylaxis practice. The table summarizes results of a dental practice in Germany to show the increasing revenue from the prophylaxes sessions, sustainable growth and a doubling of quality prophylaxes sessions. 

The Oral Health Manager App helps significantly with the success of systematic prophylaxis. 

Costs of the Oral Health Manager are on average already amortized by only one more prophylaxis session per month.

Dr. Scholz outlines important factors for growth with the help of the Oral Health Manager App s in his clinic as an example: 

  • Administration of appointments and billing are conducted by dental auxiliary staff
  • Billing is conducted via a factoring company
  • Persistent Usage of Oral Health Manager App and focus on prophylaxis
  • Price range of prophylaxis sessions is between 80,00 and 160,00 Euro 

Source: Dr. Scholz, 2015: https://www.edudip.com/mediabox/index/109698