At the University of Munich Hans Markus Lühmann and Daniel Gruber analyzed the healthcare industry and had initial ideas to improve with technology the efficiency in the service process for both doctors and patients. They learned more of their passion in mobile health, technology and its best practices during their work at a multinational company. In 2012 they founded Galaxonic, which built IT solutions to continuously grow the business, client base and profits of their customers, which range from multinational technology companies like Samsung to SMEs in Asia, Europe and America. In the same year Markus met with Dr. med. dent. Volker Scholz, an experienced dentist who owned his first dental clinic in 1982 in Germany, to discuss the improvements of the OHManagement PC software and turn it into an easy to use mobile application for iOS and Android Tablets. With the continuously improvements on usability, dental medicine and business together with different dental clinics and their patients the OHManager Program in Germany, Austria and Swiss and denthelper was created with the goal to have healthy teeth for happy patients everywhere in the wold. The focus is on prevention. Prophylaxis can prevent health issues by more than 80%. However patients need the knowledge not just during the treatment. They need an individual plan, which makes them aware of their individual health and helps them to maintain their health. If patients know the important facts about their individual health of their teeth, which are proper analysed and have recommendation how to prevent caries, paradontitis and keep their teeth healthy their health increases. That means maintain and retain health is most important. The transparency and the system developed gives both dentists and patients advantages to actively & successfully increase health.